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A great journey to see a journey of life:



Dini Tian Puspita


The amazing journey started after the ‘unique one’ (Genta, Arial, Ian, Zaran and Riani) and Arial’s sister (Arinda) choosed to take away for three months. They might not seen each other with their own agreement. Because they have been always together, since they were in High School. Then they will go to somewhere that they never imagine before, MAHAMERU.

Mahameru is the top of Mount Semeru that has 3676 meters over the sea and is the highest top in Java. The ‘unique one’ started they journey in Stasiun Senen, Jakarta, on August 15th at 03.00 pm to go to Stasiun Malang by Matarmaja (name of economic train in Indonesia). Then they will spent 24 hours until the train stopped in Malang, where is the nearest city to go to Mount Semeru.

The destination by…

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