When everything is well — Friends


Yap! You’re right, I am gonna let you know about Friends.. *again*

That was three years ago, when I was young.. hehe No! Now, I am still young. Ich bin noch 19 Jahre Alt. Then I wanna show you all, about the sweetest thing, that I’ve been through with all my lovely High School’s friends. 🙂 Here we go…..

I’ve made my self (read: my own decision) to learn in the same School, where my father teach his students there. It was hard for me. REALLY hard. Because I will meet him everyday at school, and the problem that makes me hard is –> I DON”T REALLY want him to teach me. I think (at that time), I will feel embarrassed when he teach me. I made that as my condition to him. So, I’ve passed my sweet memories there. SMAN 1 GIRI BANYUWANGI.

Teman – teman. SMA. Adalah gabungan kata yang klop dan pas sekali menurut saya. Mereka ramuan obat yang pas untuk saya, menyembuhkan saya, saat saya sedang benar – benar rindu makna ‘that’s what friends are for’ . At least, they were meaningful. Di kamar saya aja, ada foto mereka. Bukannya apa, foto Ibu, Bapak, Adik ada di laptop. Nah foto mereka, saya pajang di dinding. Hehe. I adore (baca: love) you, guys.. 🙂 kalo kamu mau tau, ini dia mereka..

yah.. maaf ya, kalo kualitas gambarnya agak gak bagus… soalnya kamera lagi di leihen sama temen. Nanti saya ganti yang bagus deh… and I don’t know why, I feel empty. What I gonna write next? I’ve to do my another job. So, stay tune.. I’ll be back.. ASAP.. 🙂


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